How Kiawah Island Became A Great Place For Business

Kiawah Island Beach

Visited by many tourists for its unique sites and beauty Kiawah Island managed to increase in popularity from year to year despite having a small group of native locals living in the South Carolina resort.

We’re small but we have a big heart as we like to describe ourselves and this year’s numbers just came in with Kiawah Island Real Estate reports pointing out that our lovely town also became a great place for business matters. The happiest seaside town in America and a good placed to invest money, what more can you wish for? Let’s see what this is about.

Kiawah Island Real Estate reports that sales for this year extended and in 2015 up to date the real estate market reached no less than $113 million. That means an increase of 29 percent from 2014 and the firm also mentioned they closed the month of May with $19 million in sales from no less than 23 transactions with clients. The company owns 85 percent of the listing volume on our island and it also announced they plan on demolishing some old apartments to make way for the new School of Business.

The buildings date back to the late ’50 and permission from the Board of Architectural Review is awaited. Following this path when it comes to constructing new buildings a new development will deliver homes later on this year as well. Twelve different 3-to-5 bedrooms with 1,500 square feet to 3,000 square feet will be up for sale for prices starting $200,000 very soon. The number of underwater homes in Charleston continues to increase so we might have a full year for the real estate market in the Kiawah Island surrounding area.

Ryland Homes opened 84 new home sites in Carolina Park with many of them having pond views and going from $410,000 with 2,072 square feet and custom home builder Schumacher Homes also opened two model homes with two-story models having no less than 3,420 square feet. Can we all say that this is not bad for a place known for tourists lounging with a drink or more commonly now, their e-cigarette or vaporizer pens and enjoying the view, beach games and a golf resort?

With this being said we’re expecting a lot of action for this year and the next one so if you’re heading for Kiawah Island this summer be sure to walk around and look for new business opportunities! Be sure we would love to have you as a local.

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My First Day At Kiawah

Kiawah Resort

I’ll never forget my first day at Kiawah. My wife and I were recommended the island by a couple of friends of ours and we were told we’d fall in love with it. They were right. We arrived on a lovely Friday evening and immediately went out for a walk around the resort.

The first thing we noticed about Kiawah was just how peaceful it was. The sun was setting and it was a beautifully tranquil setting. The evening was memorable for all the right reasons. The next morning, however, was memorable for much different reasons.

When my wife woke, her skin was much whiter than usual. In a panic, she scrambled to figure out what was wrong with her. Then it dawned on her that instead of applying sunscreen all over her skin, she had applied her skin lightening cream! Skin whitening cream uses ingredients that reduce the amount of melanin in the skin to actually lighten the skin tone. She used a bunch of Meladerm, a popular skin lightening treatment, instead of her sunblock.

She didn’t find it as funny as I did.

Aside from this little slip up, we have been coming back to our Kiawah golf investment home for years now and we couldn’t be happier!


What To Expect At A Kiawah Golf Investment Seminar

Kiawah Golf

When you come to your first Kiawah golf investment seminar, there are a few things to remember to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Food and drinks are provided so you don’t need to worry about bringing anything like that. We aim to make your stay as home-y as we can, as with any luck this will someday be your home.

A few people who have attended in the past have brought some interesting items that have made their stays more pleasant. Keep in mind you will be here for the week, so anything that you normally are accustomed to doing or having should be brought.

One gentleman last year made sure he brought his nitric oxide supplements, which he uses religiously with his workouts. Nitric oxide supplements like Nitrocut open the blood vessels in the body to improve blood flow. It’s part of everyday workout routine so he was sure to bring it with him on his Kiawah trip.

Obviously there are other obvious examples like essential medicines, vitamins, etc. We do have a medic on site, so no need to bring first-aid supplies, but any specific medicines should be brought with.

If you treat the retreat like any week long trip and bring what you would normally bring on a week long vacation, you will be fine.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Food And Drink At Kiawah Resort


When you’re not on the course or out on the beach, feel free to pop into the clubhouse for a delicious meal or refreshing drink. The clubhouse has a full four-star kitchen and a fully licensed bar. On seminar days, all meals are provided for, including breakfast, lunch and dinner so only on non-seminar days will you have to pay for food out of your own pocket.

Breakfast includes everything you would expect from a full kitchen plus more. For those who are in a rush, we even have meal replacement shakes. Our kitchen is stocked full of IdealShape weight loss shakes, which are chock full of protein, fiber and essential vitamins and nutrients. So even if you are in a rush you won’t go hungry.

We offer room service which comes from the main kitchen and delivers straight to your door free of charge.

If you have any food allergies, please alert the kitchen staff when you arrive and we will be sure to abide by your nutritional need.

If you have any other questions, please let us know on arrival!